What Anderson said about beating Arsenal 8-2 in amazing Premier League result

Anderson, the hero of Manchester United made a deep impression with an 8-2 win over Arsenal in the 2011 Premier League.

Anderson admitted that Sir Alex Ferguson hooked him because he was “taking the p***” in the iconic 8-2 win over Arsenal. This is still one of the greatest achievements in the history of the Premier League and it is worth the turning back the clock without football on.

After beating their way past West Bromwich and Tottenham in their first two matches, Manchester United headed into the match against Arsenal on a high.

Few thought the Gunners would win, especially after Manchester City and Barcelona had Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas.

But nobody thought United would hit them for eight – which they did on a breathtaking afternoon at Old Trafford.

However, no one expected that United would strike them for eight and they did so on a stifling afternoon at Old Trafford.

Danny Welbeck, who later played for Arsenal, scored with a brilliant header.

Ashley Young soon after doubled the lead of United, followed by Wayne Rooney also making them to three.

When Theo Walcott scored in the third minute of extra time towards the end of the first half, it gave Arsenal hope of a comeback.